Win Win Trailer: Paul Giamatti’s Not Such a Good Wrestling Coach


Win Win
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We premiered the poster for Win Win, directed and written by Tom McCarthy, last week, and now here's the trailer. The movie stars Paul Giamatti as a well-married lawyer having a hard time of it: He's short on cash, his practice isn't doing well, he's having stress-related chest pains, and the wrestling team he coaches is, unsurprisingly, really bad. Enter a very blond, troubled teen wrestling prodigy (with lots of back tattoos) trying to get away from his mother. Giamatti and his wife (Amy Ryan) take the kid in, his mother shows up, and important life lessons and epiphanies about masculinity ensue. The trailer has a sweet if not particularly original vibe, but given that it's a dysfunctional-family sports movie coming by way of Sundance, it seems likely to be able to eke out at least a few tears.