Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend and 12 Other Jerks Who Deserved to Be Called Out in Breakup Songs


The last we heard from British singer-songwriter Adele, she was pining away for a clueless but maybe (hopefully!) deserving guy in "Chasing Pavements." Well, Adele's follow-up album, 21, was released yesterday, and it sounds like that whole "Chasing" situation didn't end so well. As in, Adele got her heart broken, big-time. The very chatty singer has made no secret of the fact that 21 is a breakup album, written entirely about one heartless ex-boyfriend, and that got us thinking: How does Adele's effort stack up against the other great call-out songs in music history? Who else has made it explicitly clear what their ex did that got them called out in song? No vague "he/she broke my heart" stuff — we wanted details! Herewith, the most deserved musical shamings, as explained in the song by the person doing the shaming, rated by the level of revenge achieved. Bring on the very public hate!