Ain’t Nothing Wrong With The Your Highness Red Band Trailer


Sure, to be fair, Danny McBride is just playing Kenny Powers with a British accent.  But oh, how it satisfies. “Are you going to just sit here and ruin all of my jerkings?” McBride’s Thadeous queries Franco’s Fabious. It’s like what your mama said about foul-mouth medieval stoner knight comedies: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Your Highness red band trailer pretty much guarantees that just because some gags are predictable (falling down, bare-chested nymphs, probably more falling down), that doesn’t mean they won’t feel as fresh and renewing as a cold spring against an Academy Award-winners bare ass when you’re watching them. “Doesn’t Courtney’s new haircut make his head look like the tip of a penis?” McBride muses. And lo, it does.