Five Cities Besides New York and L.A. That Movie Aliens Should Invade


Movie aliens are so predictable. Every time they find intelligent life on earth, they grab a whole boatload of their super-advanced weaponry, mass up legions of bloodthirsty soldiers — and then use all that otherworldly force to target the same. damn. places. How many times have you seen ominous saucers hovering above the skylines of New York, L.A., and Washington, D.C., raining hellfire down on those cities' most prominent monuments and buildings, and then crashing down once their one massive vulnerability is exposed? Battle: Los Angeles, in theaters today, is the latest example of the coastal-based Hollywood elite's glaring lack of innovation in the field. In hopes of rectifying the situation, Vulture selected five unheralded municipalities and worked out the reasons why they'd all function perfectly well as places for aliens in movies to ruin.