Watch Casey Abrams’s Dramatic Breakdown After the American Idol Save


Last night, American Idol recapper Paul F. Tompkins was boarding a flight to Australia just as the show was ending, and he was alerted by Twitterers that he had just missed something truly astonishing: the convulsive Casey Abrams save. So moments before the comedian soared into the sky, he sent off an e-mail to Vulture saying that he wanted to weigh in when he got settled. When he lands in Australia he will either be six days ahead or four months behind — we're still doing the math — but he promises to post his thoughts as soon as he can!

To prepare, however, watch (or rewatch) the video below as judge favorite Casey is voted out and has to sing for his life ... but wait! Randy butts in mid-scat and stops this travesty of justice, implicitly scolding America and saving Casey. And then it happens: Casey's knees buckle, he puts his fluttering hands to his beard and his eyes grow cloudy, and, as the audiences is familiar with his stress-exacerbated ulcerative colitis issues, they think, "So this is what it looks like when someone's stomach implodes." Watch it below and marvel at how it is not staged at all, no siree.

And check back in for Paul's more extensive take!