Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has People Even More Excited About Dark Knight Rises, According to Vulture’s Anticipation Index


Those of you keeping an eye on the Anticipation Index will have noticed big moves by the major movie franchises this week. Dark Knight Rises shot up the list on Sunday after producers announced that nerd hero and Christopher Nolan favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt would appear in the film as an as-yet-unannounced character. And The Hobbit made some moves after Peter Jackson posted photos from the set. Today, Zack Snyder inflamed the nerd kingdom by having the audacity to compare Superman to Zeus. Never mind that his Superman won't be released until December 2012 — it's currently at number 14 on the list. Meanwhile, Snyder's Sucker Punch, out this Friday, is punching in only five slots higher at number 9. Things hardly start making more sense as we go down the list: The Hunger Games, slated for March of next year, is coming in at 19, while Source Code, next weekend's big ticket opening, is hitting way down at 31, meaning it doesn't have much time to make up that ground.