Aziz Ansari Is One of the Beautiful People


Aziz Ansari is on the cover of Paper Mag’s Beautiful People issue, and he is looking painfully dapper. Not that he necessarily sees it that way. “If you had a photo of that table, you’d have been like, ‘who Photoshopped those dudes in there? That was a really good job!’” Aziz jokes about hanging out with Kanye West and a platoon of models at Fashion Week. Ansari also talks about keeping his momentum as an artist (“I feel more inspired in New York I think”) and poses for a gallery you can print out at FedEx Office for your fantasy comedy boyfriend photo album.

Ansari also discusses how he avoided getting cast in stereotypical Indian-American roles: “In the beginning, I would get called in to audition for parts like that, but I always said no. It just became clear that, ‘OK, he’s not going to do that.’” Explains Aziz explains, “If you want to star in a movie, you shouldn’t play a guy with a thick accent working at a deli. They’re not making movies about that guy.” They should, however, make a movie about this guy. Or more realistically, a movie about Randy, Kanye and their army of model buddies. Guest starring Ms. Anna Wintour!