Bill Cosby Has A New App, Giant Fireplace


I’m not going to criticize Bill Cosby or the Bill Cosby iPhone app. The man is an institution, a legend, and as this video points out, a charming grandpa that I wish would hold court from my parents’ living room each and every Thanksgiving. “I will tweet you better than anyone has every tweeted you,” Cosby promises. Bill! That’s the filth. I will however take umbrage with whoever filmed and produced this commercial. The man is crammed into the lower 1/8 of the shot! This is an ad for an app, not a heavy yet tasteful mahogany mantle piece. They were also using a mahogany microphone and mahogany sound editing equipment too, if the giant awkward pauses and cavernous echo are any indication. Have you no regard, sir or ma’am?!?! Unless of course it was Bill Cosby himself who shot this video, in which case, Bill, you can go to town. We’ll be right here.