Bono Will Now Focus Rescue Efforts on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark


As is his wont, Bono has arrived on the scene of a catastrophe. According to The Daily, "Julie Taymor is out — and Bono is in" as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's guiding intelligence (or, more accurate, guiding disaster manager). Apparently, the balance of power behind the scenes of the never-opening Broadway show recently shifted decisively from Taymor to Bono, with Taymor losing Bono's "trust" (it only took months and millions), thus precipitating Taymor's exit. Bono — whose music for Spider-Man hasn't exactly been roundly praised — will now (just now) "do some more work on the show. He really feels it can be a masterpiece, as opposed to a survivability test for young actors. Bono and Edge will make it more of a Broadway musical." A hint of tension was already apparent between Bono and Taymor in a Times story from November: "'Take the ending of the show,' Ms. Taymor explained. 'We’re going for what will be an intimate moment, but also one that will reflect some of the technical spectacle, and we will need to figure out how to stage that.' Bono murmured, 'Figure out how to stage that?' He barked out a series of coughs for comic effect: 'Nine days!' He coughed. 'First preview!' Cough. 'Nine days!'" Scores of previews later, perhaps Bono will finally figure out how to stage "that," assuming his emergency savior services are not needed elsewhere. [Daily]