Watch The Book of Mormon’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone Discuss Just How to Find a Rhyme for ‘Scrotum’


For Mormons, the age of miracles didn't end with the Bible. And considering that a new musical by Broadway novices featuring a song called "Fuck You, God" is now a critical smash, they may be onto something. The Book of Mormon, the work of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and veteran composer/lyricist Robert Lopez (Avenue Q), has received raves from critics who cheer its perfect balance of musical comedy and religious satire: a brittle postmodern shell around a gooey Rodgers and Hammerstein heart. But how did the creative team make four-letter-worded satire so damn infectious? Vulture recently sat down with the three writers to get a glimpse of their songwriting process, and how it broke their heart to lose a lyric that referenced The Matrix: Revolutions.

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone Talk About Why The Book of Mormon Isn’t Actually Offensive, and the Future of South Park