Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro’s Post-Limitless Team-Up Is Not Happening

M436 Bradley Cooper stars in Relativity Media's LIMITLESS. Photo: ? 2011 Dark Fields Production, LLC All Rights Reserved./Courtesy shot

Robert De Niro told the New York Times recently that he and Bradley Cooper hit it off so well on the set of Limitless, they were looking for “a couple other projects that would be good for us.” Deadline now reports that one of those presumed projects, Honeymoon With Harry, is not happening. Jonathan Demme was set to direct Cooper as a reformed party machine and De Niro as the antagonistic father of the girl Cooper falls in love with — but because De Niro wouldn't fully commit, and Cooper wouldn't do it without De Niro, Demme walked away. Anyway: If you're really into the idea of Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro together on the big screen, the measure of how urgent you seeing Limitless in theaters this weekend is just shot through the roof. [Deadline]