Watch Britney Spears’s Two Weekend Performances


Britney Spears made two appearances over the weekend to promote her new record, Femme Fatale, out tomorrow. The first was in Vegas, and the second was in San Francisco, where she taped a bit for Good Morning America. Spears danced more in both of these performances than she has in a while, but she's still not in fighting shape: Her moves mostly involve her throwing her arms around dramatically, as male dancers gyrate to create the illusion of high-energy motion. She does some footwork, but it's only in short bursts, and there's something particularly notable about the way the dancers all seem very attentive to Spears staying vertical — helping her take the stairs like she's elderly. (If it seems like we're being harsh on the dancing, it's not like she's doing something else, like, say, singing, while she's onstage.) As with all things related to this latest record: could be worse, once was better. We'd feel more positive about the whole thing if girl could work a pair of pants, or, really, anything under than sequined undies, into her tour closet.

In Vegas:

For GMA: