Britney Spears Explains Her Vision for Femme Fatale

Britney Spears appears in these new advertisements for US fashion firm, Candie's, after she designed her first collection of apparel and accessories for the junior lifestyle brand. The collection includes evening looks, handbags and jewelry. Britney also posed playfully in a selection of behind-the-scenes images.

Pictured: Britney Spears behind the scenes as she shoots new Candie's ad campaign

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It is, admittedly, hard to tell exactly what level of shady behind-the-scenes mind control is going on with Britney Spears these days. But surely we're not the only ones who can't quite picture Spears in a recording studio telling people what to do? According to a new interview with Rolling Stone (the latest in a string of chats that read like e-mail interviews, and the least creepy of the bunch), that's exactly what happened with Vulture-approved Femme Fatale. Says Brit:

I wanted to make a fresh-sounding album for the clubs or something that you play in your car when you're going out at night that gets you excited but I wanted it to sound different from everything else out right now. I also wanted to experiment with all the different types of music I love which is why you hear a mixture of pop, hip-hop and dance throughout the album. I also really wanted to play with my voice and change up my sound here and there which was really fun.


I listen to a lot of different music from all over the world and I guess I just gravitate towards what sounds fresh and what makes me want to move. I really didn’t want to record anything on this album that could be mistaken for anyone else out there.


I love the Peas but I also love Deadmau5. I guess I’m all over the place. Lately I have been listening to Robyn and Adele non-stop but I also love to find new artists that very few people know about. It's one of my favorite things to do because it's like being part of a secret. Friends and people around me are always showing me new artists that they love and that's how I learned about Sabi and ended up working with her on “(Drop Dead) Beautiful.”

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