Captain America Trailer: Get Him Bodied


If Limitless had success this past weekend with the catchphrase "What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?" then Marvel's late-summer entry Captain America might want to try, "What if a super-soldier serum could give you that P90X body in a single day?" That's exactly what happens to scrawny weakling Chris Evans, who signs up for a World War II transformation and becomes a superhero whose physique is his most special effect. (Who needs Captain America's shield when those pecs look bulletproof already?) Though Marvel's first hero movie this year is Thor — which, come to think of it, also touts its protagonist's bulked-up physique — the Captain America trailer actually looks more coherent and even more rousing in a period-adventure, Indiana Jones–ish way. The only question is director Joe Johnston: Are we getting the man who made The Rocketeer, or the one who suffered through the making of The Wolfman and Jurassic Park 3? [Insider]