Charlie Sheen Won’t Get to Charm His Way Into $100 Million


Bad news for Sheen's $100 million lawsuit against Chuck Lorre and CBS: A dispute-resolution company called JAMS has decided that Sheen's grievances should be aired out not in a public trial — where Sheen's general celebrity status and specific charismatic ways would hold sway over a jury — but via private arbitration. Sheen's legal team is disputing the decision, but is still being cocky about it. Says Sheen's lawyer Marty Singer: "Whether we go to arbitration or court, we still feel we will prevail because the facts and law are 100% in our favor. I can understand why Chuck Lorre wants to keep this in a secret tribunal." In related news, Variety reports that there is "chatter" about Sheen landing an HDNet show, although the network's owner, Mark Cuban, has not confirmed anything. Maybe Cuban's just trying to sign Sheen up for the Dallas Maverick's playoff run? [Esq./HR, Variety]