Chris Brown Freaked Out at Good Morning America


Earlier today, Chris Brown was being interviewed on Good Morning America, and co-host Robin Roberts insistently tried to steer the conversation toward Rihanna. You can see the video above; Brown awkwardly deflects the questions and forces the talk back to his new album. At one point, it looks like his voice almost breaks? Anyway, the important thing is what happened after that: According to TMZ, Brown lost it in a dressing room, screaming, getting in the face of a GMA producer, cracking a window, and then storming out of the building with his shirt off (TMZ has the shirtless photos). He also tweeted, then deleted: "I'm so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullshit." Yesterday, Vulture traced the arc of Brown's comeback, pointing out that the less he focused on contrition, and the more he focused on embracing his inner jerk, the better off he was. Of course, we meant "embrace inner jerk" in a packaged, pop star kind of way — not in a "holy crap people are scared to be around me" kind of way. Dramatically proving to everyone that he still has serious anger-management issues won't immediately derail the comeback, but it's certainly not good for it. More than anything, this is a reminder of how tenuous Brown's position is, even when his singles are dominating the charts.

Chris Brown -- Violent Outburst at 'GMA' [TMZ]