Clarissa Now: Whither The Ferg?


We just couldn’t let her go, could we? In 1995, the pilot episode of Clarissa Now picked up where Clarissa Explains It All left off, and if first ten minutes are any indication, eighteen-year-old intern Clarissa can’t explain shit.  The prospect of seeing our favorite strong-willed tom boy slowly destroyed by an alcoholic boss, subway skinheads and the presence of Skipper from the first season of Sex In The City is distinctly less awesome than the original. No wonder the series never got picked up. The mid-nineties references are a pleasure, though: Oliver Stone! Hagar The Horrible! The newspaper industry! I’d personally rather see the spin-off starring Marian Seldes as lonely, bony Lillian Banyon, a spinster publisher resigned to wrangling her disobedient employees with threats of violence and retribution. Oh, and she insists on climbing into the office through a window while a sweet guitar riff plays.