Watch Cougar Town’s Ian Gomez Try to Pick a New Catchphrase


Gather round, ye comedy lovers. It's time for another installment of Cougar Town: Writers vs. Actors. In episode five — once again filmed on location in Hawaii — Ian Gomez puts the writers on notice: He's fed up with his character Andy's chosen catchphrase, the simple yet elegant "C'mon!" Surely, he argues, there must be something funnier, something more dy-no-mite that his TV alter ego might utter — like, perhaps, "I've got a poop a-brewin'!" But that's not all this week's action-packed segment has to offer: You'll also get Josh Hopkins's dead-on impersonation of Gomez, Busy Philipps in a bathrobe, and co-creator Bill Lawrence getting a fashion makeover from wife Christa Miller. Enjoy the show — and feel free to leave your own suggestions for new Andy catchphrases in the comments section (sorry, "funky boy" is already taken.)

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