Courtney Love’s Twitter Was So Crazy She Now Owes $430,000


Courtney Love has settled a defamation lawsuit with Dawn Simorangkir, the fashion designer who claimed a series of aggressive tweets directed at her from Love — including such gems as "asswipe nasty lying hosebag thief" and "drug-pushing prostitute with a history of assault and battery who lost custody of her own child" — damaged her reputation and career. Love has to pay a whopping $430,000 in payments spread between today and 2014. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the court case "would have been the first high-profile ... showdown over what constitutes defamation on Twitter" and would have established important legal precedents. More crucial, though, is that this whole thing reminds us how lame it is that Courtney Love doesn't tweet anymore. [Esq./HR]