Did Mars Needs Moms Finish Off Yellow Submarine?


There is no disputing that, so far, Mars Needs Moms is an epic flop. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney spent roughly $200 million in combined budget and promotional costs, and may end up seeing $25 million of it back via the box office (that'd be the domestic number, although Moms isn't doing too well internationally either). Now, here come the consequences: THR also reports that Moms' failure has directly led to Disney canceling Robert Zemeckis's Yellow Submarine, which would have deployed the same motion-capture technology.

Via Deadline, Disney claims Yellow Submarine was halted months before Moms debuted. Originally, when the announcement that Disney was cutting ties with Zemeckis's ImageMovers Digital — the folks behind all his motion-capture projects, including their last for the studio, Mars Needs Moms — was released, Yellow Submarine was said to be safe. Now, though, it's not happening, at least not at Disney. Zemeckis can take it elsewhere, but with all of Hollywood seemingly agreeing at once that motion-capture humans are "creepy," that might be a tall order.

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