Elizabeth Berkley Has a Lot of Advice for Teenage Girls


Elizabeth Berkley just wrote a book! It's a self-help and advice compilation called Ask Elizabeth, which is an outgrowth of self-empowerment workshops that Berkley has been conducting with teenage girls since 2006. Good for her, and also, good for her publicity team, since they have apparently strong-armed outlets interviewing Berkley — who appeared on the Today show this morning — from even mentioning the "S" word you know you thought of when you read this headline (and that's too bad, because Showgirls is so full of advice and life lessons, particularly when it comes to the proper pronunciation of luxury brands). Still, Berkley will at least consent to a little bit of Saved By the Bell nostalgia in order to sell her book; when asked by RadarOnline if she considers it a burden that she'll always be typecast as Jessie Spano (and apparently not that other character from that other movie they won't mention), Berkley knowingly replied, "I have nothing to say except ... 'I'm so excited!'" [RadarOnline]