10 of Elizabeth Taylor’s Most Notable Roles

Still from Suddenly Last Summer, Starring Elizabeth Taylor

There are a lot of words that come to mind when one thinks of Elizabeth Taylor, but perhaps the most appropriate one is “indestructible.” She was a child star, who became a young starlet, who became a great screen beauty, who became an A-list Oscar winner, who became an outspoken activist and aging icon. (How many stars can genuinely lay claim to more than two of those accomplishments?) Along the way, as we all know, she survived enough scandals, health scares, and husbands to last her several lifetimes. And although she was “Elizabeth Taylor” for so much of her career, the actress also had a surprising degree of range. We’ve decided to go back over her career and consider some of her most notable performances (we know, we know, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was pretty memorable too). ‬