Elton John Can’t Believe Disney Thought Gnomeo and Juliet Wouldn’t Succeed


Elton John, whose Rocket Pictures produced the surprise hit Gnomeo and Juliet, is really mad at Disney for what he perceives as a lack of support. Says John: "We fought resistance from the (Disney) studio for so long, and to be honest with you, the film has taken $75 million in America, and we haven’t had a message of congratulations from anyone within the studio ... Gnomeo and Juliet took us eleven years to make. We defied all the odds and all of the people at Disney who said, 'this wouldn’t be a hit' ... And it’s the biggest hit, but it could have been a bigger hit if Disney got behind it more ...They’re so ashamed, and they should be ashamed of themselves." Look, Elton, they were clearly wrong — but can you be that upset? We now respectfully point out one thing in Disney's defense: The movie is called Gnomeo and Juliet.