Exporting Raymond Trailer: Russian Ray Romano


Remember that time Chuck "Troll" Lorre got mad that Belarus had ripped off The Big Bang Theory? Well, as far as Eastern European demand for remakes of commercially successful American sitcoms goes, that was no one-off incident. Apparently, at some point after Everybody Loves Raymond went off the air, co-creator Phil Rosenthal was approached by a Russian network about helming an adaptation. He said yes, went to Russia, and then made this documentary. The newly released trailer goes hard on the familiar "Russian people are so weird" angle; at various points, Rosenthal forces down vodka shots, attempts to parley with stone-faced tie-less suit assassin-types, and riffs on the necessity for "kidnap and ransom" insurance. Still, though, it's pretty engaging: Rosenthal is, as you might imagine, an earnest guy, and seems genuinely befuddled and delighted by every bit of culture shock. For the record, though — the fact that the Russian network's head of comedy doesn't find the original Everybody Loves Raymond very funny? That has nothing to do with — get ready for the zing! — the translation.