Fabolous Wins Twitter, According to Vulture’s Anticipation Index


If you've been on Vulture's Anticipation Index — our exclusive measurement of web chatter and excitement for upcoming entertainment — at all today, you've noticed a lot of big music moves. Panic! at the Disco and the Strokes' upcoming albums leaped higher after news came that they both leaked online. The Beastie Boys' upcoming CD jumped 78 spots after the announcement of its release date and cover art. Hesher climbed sixteen places after debuting a new poster. And Fabolous's upcoming album, Loso's Way 2: Rise to Power shot up 111 spots ... why, exactly? A little investigation shows that last night, @myfabulouslife tweeted about being in the studio with DJ Toomp, and then again with Justice League, and these shout-outs have been retweeted so many times that the album leap-frogged over practically the whole Index. Is there such a thing as a Twitter consultant? Because we're thinking Fabolous would be a great one. Check out the Anticipation Index for a wider look at what entertainment fans are looking forward to ... and what they're not.