Finally, Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life Reveals a Dinosaur


How much are we looking forward to Terrence Malick's new film, The Tree of Life? This much! (Just so you know, we're holding our arms out very wide, and our fingers are grazing soft stalks of grass in the golden sunlight.) Still, our appetite was barely whetted by the first trailer or even that recent clutch of images from the film, because as much as we can't wait to see Brad Pitt and Sean Penn do what they do, the thing we're most excited about is Tree of Life's dinosaurs. (Yes, there are dinosaurs in the movie for some reason, and they're in IMAX.) That's why today is something of a watershed: Fox Searchlight just released a poster made up of 70 images from the film, and wouldn't you know, there's a dino cold chillin' in one of them. It's just a tiny look for now, but that's totally fine, because there's nothing cuter than a lil' baby dinosaur anyway.

Photos From The Tree of Life [IMDb]