For the Record, That Is Not Seth Green’s Voice in Mars Needs Moms


Well, this is kind of sad: Seth Green originally voiced the protagonist, 9-year-old Milo, and donned a performance-capture suit to give him life, in the new animated flick Mars Needs Moms. But, then, his vocals got cut and swapped out with those of some child (specifically those of Seth Dusky, 11). Says Green: "There was always a consideration that the character would be redubbed by an actual kid. I don’t feel like I’ve been replaced or like my performance is invisible. It wasn’t like I did anything wrong and someone was saying my performance wasn’t good." Director Simon Wells adds that "Dusky faithfully followed every nuance of Seth Green's performance. [The character was] guided by Seth Green's sincere and brilliantly convincing performance." So why did Green get dumped? Well, primarily, because he has the voice of a "37-year-old man." [24 Frames/LAT]