Forbes’ List of the Richest Rappers Explains So Much


Forbes' list of the rappers with the biggest overall fortunes (not to be confused with Forbes' list of the rappers who made the most money last year) goes like this: Diddy, $475 million; Jay-Z, $450 million; Dr. Dre, $125 million; Birdman, $100 million; 50 Cent, also $100 million. Well, this really puts things in perspective: Of course Dr. Dre spends a decade dicking around on Detox — he's got $125 million! Of course 50 Cent spends all his time making epically dumb-looking movies — he's got $100 million! Also, as Forbes points out, Jay's "I'm like really half a billie" boast from "H.A.M." is accurate. And, finally: Damn, good job, Birdman. Now we don't feel bad for making fun of your tattoos. [Forbes via Billboard]