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The Threat Levels of Pop Culture’s Friendliest Invading Aliens

In the movies, most aliens land on earth to enslave mankind and ravage our resources. But there is also a smaller, far less dangerous population of space invaders who don't want to annihilate our species, they just want to eat unlikely objects, be confused but intrigued by break dancing, and interpret American idioms literally to hilarious effect. In honor of the latest of these kinder interplanetary expats — the titular, pint-sized Paul (nice aliens are never tall nor goo-secreting) — we compiled a list of them and judged their friendliness on our trusty E.T.-o-meter, which grades each critter’s potential danger levels, from one finger (totally harmless) to five (alert Jan Brewster!). Let us turn on our heartlight and lead the way …

Photo: Universal Pictures