Go See 15 Artists Interpret South Park, Mmmkay?


I am super cereal about seeing the South Park 15th Anniversary art show, opening today at Opera Gallery in NYC. Sponsored by Comedy Central, pop surrealist Ron English curated the work of 15 artists, interpretations that include portraiture, dioramas and what appears to be a Chef made entirely of chocolate. It’s like your dream life and waking life are slowly bleeding together!

According to the press release, “The artists are unified by their love of the hit series and the passion they bring to their work. Their interpretations feature the South Park characters and the iconic moments throughout the series history.” And world history, as using Towelie as the tablecloth at the Last Supper suggests. You can see many of the pieces in this South Park art slideshow, but I urge you to go before April 10, whereupon the show leaves for Comic-Com. You really can’t miss the homage to Jennifer Lopez’s taco-flavored kisses; not when you’ve been waiting all this time.