The Six Kinds of Characters Who Wear Hawaiian Shirts


Rango, the pet chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp in Rango, has an interesting wardrobe for a pet chameleon. Hawaiian shirts aren't their usual garb (the pet chameleons we know prefer T-shirts, or a tasteful blazer), and yet we can't deny that Rango's red, floral number does tell us something about him: that he's a little wacky, maybe a little spacey (and even a little Hunter S. Thompson–y). Hawaiian shirts are, after all, a bold fashion statement, and they signify. But having culled through the shirts' myriad appearances on TV shows and movies (and they've shown up a lot), we've deduced that they are only used to signify six different types of personalities, from the cool guy (Magnum P.I.) to the zany guy (Ace Ventura) to the druglord (Tony Montana). Check out the slideshow to see multiple examples of all six ways to wear a Hawaiian shirt.