Hunger Games Director: Yes, Jennifer Lawrence Will Dye Her Hair


Now that Jennifer Lawrence is officially confirmed to star as Katniss Everdeen in the big-screen adaptation of The Hunger Games, director Gary Ross is calling it "the easiest casting decision of my life." Said Ross to EW, "This is a girl who needs to incite a revolution. We can't have an insubstantial person play her, and we can't have someone who's too young to play this." Ross assured fans that Lawrence was the personal pick of author Suzanne Collins, claiming "Jen is the perfect realization of the character who is in her head" — and yes, that means the blond actress will change her hair color, which so many readers see as a sticking point. "Jen will have dark hair in the role, but that's something movies can easily achieve," Ross laughed. "I promise all the avid fans of The Hunger Games that we can easily deal with Jennifer's hair color." [Inside Movies/EW]