In His ‘6 Foot, 7 Foot’ Video, Lil Wayne Enters Dream Level Three


Inception came out while Lil Wayne was still locked up, so you can excuse the tardiness here and focus on the important thing: In the brand-new “6 Foot, 7 Foot” music video, Weezy gets his Dom Cobb on. The Hype Williams–directed clip kicks off with a suited-up Wayne doing Leonardo Dicaprio's character's famous backwards-unconscious-dive-into-the-bathtub maneuver, then snaps into what one assumes is the dangerous dream world Wayne's being forcefully woken up from. Here, in quick succession, we get all kinds of scenes referencing Wayne's rapid-fire flow on the track: black-and-white diamonds, the sadly fictional cereal Huh-nee Knut, a footrace featuring a group of scantily clad female runners, Wayne full-extension diving after his own mind, Wayne in a professor outfit lecturing from a podium, Wayne staring at a plate of hushed lasagna. (We're in slo-mo for the most part, maintaining the dream-level reality, where things slow down the farther in you go.) By the end, Wayne splashes all the way into the bathtub, bringing him back from the rap-video dream world and into our own sober reality. And, really, there's only one thing to say here: Braaaaaaaaaah.