In Their 'Under Cover of Darkness' Video, The Strokes Get Classy


For the first visual representation of their new album, the music video for Angles' lead single "Under Cover of Darkness," The Strokes blew open the rental-tux budget. The clip kicks off with the gang in various takes on evening formal-wear, sternly rocking through the jam in something that resembles an abandoned opera house. Only Julian Casablancas gets to keep his leather-jacket-and-sunglasses everyday-outfit, which is more appropriate for his acting-out: tossing the mic stand, spilling water from a fancy goblet all over the floor, generally walking around like he doesn't care about much at all, etc. But, oh, he falls in line: for the big musical finale, held on the still-abandoned opera house's stage, Casablancas changes into a tux of his own, and now all of a sudden all five guys are matched up and smiling and totally in sync. A reference to past troubles that were put aside during the recording of Angles? Or a statement on Julian's slovenly wardrobe? You be the judge!