International Audiences Doing All They Can to Encourage a Sequel to The Tourist


Ammunition for next time an impossibly cosmopolitan European tries to school you on the crassness of American culture: We Americans, at least, had the good taste to spurn The Tourist. The Johnny Depp–Angelina Jolie stinker that Ricky Gervais mocked at the Golden Globes made $67 million domestically, but just passed the $200 million mark internationally. (Yet another reason the Hollywood Foreign Press didn't take kindly to Gervais ribbing Johnny Depp?) Another American dud wracking up a fortune overseas is Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which cost $155 million, made $107.3 million here, but has now grossed $300 million internationally. Movie stars: not powerless everywhere. [Company Town/LAT]