Sheen’s Korner Is Not a Winner


More than 113,000 people tuned in to the debut of Sheen's Korner, Charlie Sheen's live TV show on UStream, last night, with high expectations, but around 50,000 of those viewers got bored. The show started out promising: Simon Rex, who once dated Paris Hilton and other accolades, appeared, sitting on Charlie Sheen's couch like he'd been sitting there for decades. One of Sheen's girlfriends was also in attendance. In a moment of vague self-awareness, Sheen made a direct reference to the movie Network, telling viewers to stick their heads out the window and say, "Winning!" But the show trudged along with no direction and surprisingly few bizarre quips. Fans on Twitter called it "pointless and sad," and The Hollywood Reporter dubbed it "cable access at its worst." Even Sheen got down on himself about it today: "Fastball; last night was treasonous to the movement. my bad. a video solution coming soon. #SheensKornerless," he tweeted. Uh-oh. Losing! [HR, NYDN]