Isla Fisher Cast In Desperados, ‘The Female Hangover’


Wait a minute, isn’t there already a female Hangover? And it’s called Bridesmaids? There can be only one! Ugh, now Isla Fisher is going to have to slice off Kristin Wiig’s head with a sword. Unless by “the female Hangover” they mean the characters drink and get into highjinks (i.e. ALL COMEDIES). Either way, Isla Fisher has been cast in Desperados, which follows three friends who travel to Las Vegas to deal with one woman’s regretable break-up. Lock Ken Jeong in a truck, and it’s like The Hangover is looking in a mirror!

Director Betty Thomas might be attached to Desperados too after director Wayne McClammy bailed. The film marks a welcome departure from her most recent films Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and, um, John Tucker Must Die. Those movies aren’t exactly the most encouraging…until you realize that Thomas played Velda Plendor in Troop Beverly Hill. Attention K-Mart shoppers! May the female Hangovers never stop!