Watch Jersey Shore’s Season in Poop


Season 3 of Jersey Shore wraps up tonight, and so ends what is quite possibly the most excrement-laden season of a television show ever. Yes, there were other ongoing story lines this year — the dysfunction of Ronnie and Sammi, the flirting of Vinny and Snooki, the stripper pole, Deena's ability to occupy herself with any inanimate object — but none were featured as regularly as the cast's bathroom antics. From the perpetually clogged toilet, to JWoww's defecating dogs, Ronnie's bleeding bum, and the regular chatter about being backed up, it was basically all poop, all the time. To commemorate this fecal season, we have put together a supercut of the Jersey Shore's best moments in doodoo. All together now: It's Potty Time!