John Slattery and President Kristen Schaal Go Bodyguard for the National


Ever since Vulture respectfully poked fun at very good mope-rock band the National for being just a tad boring, the dudes have, we're glad to report, really stepped up their entertainment game. First there was this awesome airport bomb scare; now we have the delightful video for High Violet's “Conversation 16.” In the clip, Kristen Schaal gets to play a bored U.S. president, John Slattery the Secret Service agent who's madly in love with her. There are jokes about assassinations, Oval Office thongs, Sarah Palin's turkey incident, Russian premiers wrestling bears, and glitter. But our favorite part might be the fact that nobody bothered to get the National front man Matt Berninger, who plays Slattery's fellow Secret Service agent, an official-looking suit with a white shirt, so he's just wearing what is presumably the suit that was hanging in his closet the day of the video shoot. Anyway, great work, everybody.