Jon Bon Jovi Is Mad at Steve Jobs

Bon Jovi at HullabaLOU July 2010 Photo: Douglas Mason/Getty Images/Getty

Do you know what was on the cover of the last Bon Jovi album, or even that there was a last Bon Jovi album? Blame iTunes for your diminished music-listening experience, says Jon Bon Jovi. "Kids today have missed the whole experience of putting the headphones on, turning it up to 10, holding the jacket, closing their eyes and getting lost in an album; and the beauty of taking your allowance money and making a decision based on the jacket, not knowing what the record sounded like," he told the Sunday Times. "God, it was a magical, magical time. I hate to sound like an old man now, but I am, and you mark my words, in a generation from now people are going to say: 'What happened?' Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business." That's right: Steve Jobs, who presented an online system that actually got artists paid and staunched the illegal downloading that had previously gripped the music industry, has personally thwarted the most important criteria you could use when deciding whether to buy a record: the ability to discern for yourself just how feathery Jon Bon Jovi's chunky Meg Ryan do is on the album jacket. [MSN via AV Club]