Julian Casablancas Almost Manages to Talk About the Strokes Album Without Sounding Ambivalent


NME had Julian Casablancas break down Angles track by track, and it's great for many reasons. One is the "Taken for a Fool" explanation: "With regards the line ‘Monday/Tuesday is my weekend’, I originally wanted to say 'Sunday/Monday/ Tuesday' but it didn’t fit. Those were always my favourite nights to go out. I’m not into going out on Friday or Saturday — never have been. I like empty-ish bars.” Another is the fact that, while he champions nearly the entire album, Casablancas once again can't quite go an entire interview without expressing some level of doubt on the end results. In regards to "Metabolism": "I’ve had that one for a while. I had something completely different in mind at the outset to what it is. It became something else entirely, but I’m … fine with it as it is now.” At this point, you have to appreciate that level of reliability. [NME]