Julie Taymor Acknowledges Spider-Man Is "Not Quite There"


At the TED2011 conference this week, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark head honcho Julie Taymor spoke of the show's ongoing reconstruction, and did so in bold terms: She said she was "in the crucible and the fire of transformation" and that "anyone who creates knows — when it’s not quite there ... Where it hasn’t quite become the phoenix or the burnt char. And I am right there ... It is my trial by fire. It’s my company’s trial by fire. We have survived because our theme song is 'Rise Above.'" Also: "It’s right there in the palm of my hands ... In all of my company’s hands. I have beautiful collaborators. We as collaborators only get there all together. I know you understand that. You stay there going forward and you see this extraordinary thing right in front of your eyes.” So, sounds like they're pretty close! [ArtsBeat/NYT]