Julie Taymor Dissed by Oscar-Winning Spider-Man Writer


Forgive us for just now noticing, but daaaang, beleaguered Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark director Julie Taymor got straight-up dissed by Neil Jordan this week (to add insult to injury for Taymor, who was recently fired from the Broadway musical). Jordan won an Oscar for writing The Crying Game and was the first writer hired by Bono and The Edge to come up with Spider-Man's book; when they asked for his input on who should direct, "I must admit that I suggested they use Julie," Jordan told the New York Post. "Sadly. Well, not sadly. Well — whatever." But when Taymor came on, said Jordan, "It rapidly became obvious to me that Julie's ideas were not very sensible. She was not headed in, let us say, a coherent narrative direction ... she was talking on and on about [her new villainess] Arachne, and I thought the whole thing was losing its focus." After writing an outline, Jordan left the production: "I never began to write any scenes, thank God. I quickly realized I did not want to continue with the show." Still, at least he's collecting royalties, though he's unsure if that matters. "Do you think they're worth anything?" Jordan asked. [NYP via MCN]