Justice Debuts New Single in an Adidas Commercial Starring Katy Perry, B.o.B., and the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose


Well, this is strange! Justice's new single, "Civilization," off their April 4 as-of-now-untitled album, met the world this morning via a new Adidas commercial directed by Romain Gavras, the guy who did M.I.A.'s divisive "Born Free" clip. The track is exactly the kind of thing you'd go to Justice for if you wanted a skittish giant-bass banger to soundtrack your shiny new international ad campaign, but it's overwhelmed by the fast-cut visuals, which give us flashes of your standard sports commercial tropes — progressively more dramatic football plays, jubilant soccer celebrations, sweat, blood — alongside fireworks, raves, a somber Katy Perry, a buoyant B.o.B., and at least two prospective members of the All-NBA first team. Oh, for the record, this is the second time Derrick Rose has shown up on Vulture. The first was that time he totally flaked out on Julianna Margulies. [Pitchfork]