Brokeback Mountain Writers Have Issues With Awards Season, George Clooney


Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana picked up a whole shelf full of awards for adapting Brokeback Mountain to the screen in 2005, but they weren't exactly endeared to the people handing out the trophies. Asked to comment on this year's Oscar ceremony by the New York Review of Books, both writers immediately start dishing and dissing about the year they ran the awards gauntlet, where they had to put up with the "interminable" Los Angeles Film Critics Awards ceremony filled with people who were "obviously hacks," the Golden Globes ("such a limp event"), and awards shows for both the Directors Guild and Producers Guild ("boring" and "essentially interchangeable"). What's worse, says Osanna, is that George Clooney was so rude to her after the PGAs. "He congratulated you, but never made eye contact with me," she recalls to McMurtry. "It was as if I didn't exist. He did the same thing in the green room at the Venice Film Festival. I was standing next to Ang when Clooney came in and hurried over to congratulate him. Life is mixed pickles, especially in Hollywood." [NYRB]