Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen iPad: We’ve Got a Winner!


We wish we could give an iPad to all of our commenters, almost as much as we wish we could eat the food prepared on TV's culinary reality shows. Alas, we don't yet have the technology for the latter (curse you, Willy Wonka!), and as for the former, there could be only one winner of our contest tied to last night's premiere of Syfy's new series Marcel's Quantum Kitchen. The proud new owner of an iPad is commenter koraulii, whose enticing suggestions for what to eat and drink while watching TV made our mouths water: "My new favorite show on TV, FX's Archer ... A dirty, dry martini to start, filet mignon with hari covert and a glass of Cab for the husband, a grilled portabella for me, and chocolate covered strawberries and glazed donuts with Irish coffees for dessert. OR, My fave show Bored to Death, accompanied by pot brownies and Stellas." We want those things in us now. (Well, maybe not those last things ... hi, our moms!) A big thanks to all of our commenters who entered, and you can catch the next episode of Marcel's Quantum Kitchen on Wednesday, March 29 at 10 p.m.