Michael Fassbender Inspiring Arousal in New Yorkers, Horses


If you didn't get a sense of rising star Michael Fassbender's sex appeal in Fish Tank or Inglourious Basterds, he's now working overtime to bring it to the masses. The star of the upcoming X-Men: First Class startled New Yorkers this week by shooting naked love scenes for the sex-addiction drama Shame in full view of the public at the Standard Hotel, but to hear his Jane Eyre co-star Mia Wasikowska tell it, a clothed Fassbender can inspire just as much sexual heat (as long as he's got his riding boots on). "Michael had a very ... huge effect on any horse he got on," Wasikowska told Movieline. "There was a horse on the third day of filming [when] we were shooting the scene where Jane and Rochester meet, and every time Michael hopped on the horse it got a huge erection. And he'd get off and they'd run the poor thing around the block to try to make it go away, and he'd hop on it again and it would happen all over again, and they'd have to get him off and run it around. It happened in rehearsals and then on the day of shooting. So it was great." [Movieline, ONTD]