Mindy Kaling Reveals the Michael Scott Stories The Office Never Got to Use


Now that Steve Carell's final episode of The Office has been written, Mindy Kaling (who, in addition to co-starring as Kelly Kapoor, scripted some of the show's best episodes) is tweeting some of the Michael Scott plots the writers never got around to. So far, they include "Michael gets Lasik but can only afford to get it done to one eye"; "Michael gets accused of something and is exonerated because there's footage of him outside the Today show behind Al Roker"; and "Not a story per se, but Michael auditioning for SNL with his characters and [Seth Meyers] gently walking him to the 30 Rock exit was a dream," but the best one was chipped in by fellow writer Michael Schur: "One day, Michael does each job in the office for one hour, and nearly brings Dunder Mifflin down completely." What could have been! [Mindy Kaling/Twitter]