Ten Awesome Ways to Announce Your Musical Comeback


The Strokes, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Battles, Shyne, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Bright Eyes, The Streets, The Get Up Kids, TV on the Radio, Beastie Boys: In 2011, the comeback album is alive and well. That's a good thing. Here at Vulture, we're all about happy endings and second chances and the general spirit of redemption or successful re-introductions. But ask yourself: As these artists return, are they doing so with panache? With style? With grace? With verve? With a sense of purpose? We're not talking about the music they're making, of course — we're talking about the manner in which they announce their comebacks. As more and more artists rise up to resurrect or resume their careers, Vulture takes a look back at the lessons learned from ten musicians who came back right.