New Shel Silverstein Book Drops In September: Save A Few Copies For The Kids


Do your best to not knock any tiny children aside as you sprint through Barnes & Noble this September to get the new Shel Silverstein book Everything On It. Silverstein, the reason any of us have a sense of wonder or imagination, passed away in 1999, but left behind a host of never-before-seen poems and illustrations which will be included in the new collection. Prior to his death, Shel’s most recent works had been Falling Up (1996) and Draw A Skinny Elephant (1998); Runny Babbit, a book published posthumously, came out in 2005. HarperCollins Children’s Book released the photo of the book’s cover today, which as you can see is the exact right blend of sweet and unsettling. A snake in a butterfly net? Genius. I’m glad kids today get to see what they’ve been missing out on. Right before I steal their copy right out of their little sticky hands.